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Passenger on Delhi-bound flight assaulted crew member, handed over to security personnel: Air India

30 May 2023

New Delhi [India], May 30 (ANI): A passenger on a Delhi-bound Air India flight was handed over to security personnel for "unruly behaviour" with crew members during the flight.

An Air India spokesperson said the passenger continued with "the unprovoked, aggressive behaviour" after the plane landed in Delhi. The airline has reported the matter to DGCA.

"A passenger on our flight AI882, Goa to Delhi, on May 29, 2023, behaved in an unruly manner. The said passenger verbally abused the crew members and then went on to physically assault one of them on board. On landing at Delhi airport, the passenger continued with the unprovoked, aggressive behaviour and was handed over to the security personnel We have also reported the incident to the regulator," the spokesperson said.

"Safety of our crew and passengers is of utmost importance to us and we strongly condemn this unruly behaviour of the passenger. We will offer all support to the affected crew members," the spokesperson added.

Delhi Police and CISF have also been informed of the incident. (ANI)

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