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Temple Town, a furniture connoisseur's heaven

8 Mar 2021

New Delhi [India], March 8 (ANI/SRV Media): Temple Town, based in Thrissur, are designers and manufacturers of some of the finest pieces of artefacts and furniture in the country.

"Change is the only constant, and it is coming soon and it is refined, opulent, and unapologetically extravagant." These are the words of Meera Pyarelal, Founder and Creative Head of Temple Town.

After 2 decades of working in the interiors Industry, Meera Pyarelal started her eponymous brand Temple Town with the aim of designing and manufacturing sophisticated pieces of wooden furniture and interior designs.

Located in the culture capital of Kerala, Temple Town are experts at crafting beautifully handmade Indian furniture for the connoisseurs of refined luxury. Their services range from one-off furniture requirements to complete the designing and execution of an entire home.

The underlying theme in all the designs is inspired by a modern Indian perspective. This theme emerged from the resurgence of consumers owning their Indian identity and the subsequent increase in interest in Indian furniture.

Temple Town ensures the use of responsibly sourced and recycled Indian teak. This further can be used to craft products such as antique replicas, handsome homewares, light fixtures, and a plethora of art. Every design and manufacturing process is carefully thought out by Meera Pyarelal. Undoubtedly, Temple Town has received recognition owing to its founder's creativity and tireless efforts over the years.

After beginning her career in 1999, Meera gained experience over the next 20 years and finally launched Temple Town. Her only aim was to design and manufacture sophisticated pieces of colonial furniture. She observed that natural wood, reclaimed wood in particular, was growing in popularity with the youth and set on to conquer the market.

Additionally, the interior design whiz pays equal attention to minimising her carbon footprint to the bare minimum by using reused pieces of wood. The team at Temple Town also strive to spread awareness to preserve and protect all that is beautiful in India.

"At Temple Town, we do not believe people should compromise on designs and styles when buying sustainable pieces. Everything we design and manufacture is a celebration of everything Indian and traditional. Through Temple Town, we wish to represent Kerala's rich and elegant tradition of luxurious craftsmanship. While we support the introduction of new methods and techniques, it is equally important to preserve and promote the old techniques and traditions. All our products invoke an intense connection between the customer and their heritage," said Meera Pyarelal, Founder and Creative Head at Temple Town.

At present, Temple Town's flagship store is located in Thrissur. Ever since the inception of Temple Town, its trajectory has only been upwards owing to the recognition and praise the work has received. At this rate, Pyarelal's brainchild will surely cement its place at the top of the market.

Pyarelal and her talented team of vastly experienced and highly talented designers and craftsmen plan to open a new store in Bangalore in the next six months. She wishes to extend the legacy of classic and traditional Indian furniture for as long as she can through Temple Town and its exemplary services. In a world that idolizes the new, it is a rare pleasure to walk into a store as deeply imbued with the past as Temple Town.

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