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J-K officials organise roadshow in Bhubaneswar

7 Mar 2021

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], March 7 (ANI): Tourism officials from Jammu and Kashmir, along with the Boat House association organised on Saturday a road-show in Bhubaneswar in an attempt to promote tourism in Jammu and Kashmir after the COVID-19.

"The tourism sector opened in July last year because the government made sincere and effective measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. We took inputs from local tourism stakeholders and authorities from other states and made SOPs and instructions," said Anil Salim, Deputy director of J-K Tourism department.

He added, "Special precautions at hotels, tourist hotspots, and airports had been made. Staff and personnel have also been trained so that tourists feel safe and comfortable."He further said that such roadshows would take place in other parts of the country as well, including Bengaluru and Indore, so that people are made aware of Jammu and Kashmir as attractive tourist destination.

"The main goal of this roadshow is to tell more people that 'Kashmir is paradise' and we have houseboats, a unique type of accommodation. People will enjoy this 'heaven on earth'. There are facilities for everyone - from 5-star hotel to middle-class accommodations," Abdul Hamid Wangnoo, Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Boat owners association. (ANI)

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