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Affording luxury brands becomes easy

13 Jan 2021

New Delhi [India], January 13 (ANI/SRV Media): Luxury fashion is something every woman dreams of owning but not something that everyone can afford. Rent n Flaunt eliminates the need to purchase these products and accessories. Working on a subscription-based model, the luxury fashion rental portal makes the higher-end brands available to all in the most sustainable possible way. Based on the subscription plan chosen by the customer, they can rent 3-5 products a month and come back the next month for more. They also have one-time rental plans where the customers can rent the accessories for a lesser number of days.

One can rent three high-fashion accessories for as low as Rs 1,999 and five products for Rs 3,499. It helps the common women have a designer luxury closet at nearly no cost. Observing the trend that most people desire to rent these accessories for weddings, important meetings, parties or functions; Rent n Flaunt, decided to come up with the one-time rental plan which allows the customers to hold on to the products for 4 or 8 days. The portal also provides free shipping both ways giving their members one less thing to worry about. "Stylish", "chic" and "top-notch" are few of the words that their customers have used to describe them.

Founded in September 2020, Rent n Flaunt is the brainchild of Sakshi Goel. She is an engineer by education and has completed her MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Mumbai. She worked in the corporate world, in Bangalore for four years before the inception of the company. Within three month since its start, Rent n Flaunt has helped many women live the lavish lifestyle while also easing their budgets. It is best for those who love to hoard accessories and apparel but get tired of them quickly. They no longer have to worry about not having anything to wear and can have something new every month.

Sakshi Goel, Founder, Rent n Flaunt said, "It all started with a love and curiosity for luxury brands that I shared with my sister. We wanted for it to be available and affordable to everyone in every part of India. That's how Rent n Flaunt was born. We also had, at the back of our minds, that rental fashion should not only be practical, but also a lot more sustainable for our environment. Now, we want to make rental a lifestyle, alongside making luxury habitual.

When a luxury product is purchased, more often than not, it keeps lying at the back of the wardrobe waiting to be adorned on a special and eventful day. Manufacturing any fashion item lays a great burden on the buyer as well as the environment. Rentals- a sharing methodology minimizes the cost to both the user and the environment. This is the kind of sustainable fashion that lies at the center of Rent n Flaunt's ideology.

Rent n Flaunt also keeps cleanliness at the top of its priority. Every item, piece of jewellery or accessory undergoes a thorough disinfection process after being returned and before being made available for rent again. Appropriate chemicals and equipment are used in the process to ensure that the material of the product is not damaged.

To know more:Rent n Flaunt is a women accessories rental company where you can rent endless designer accessories on a monthly subscription basis. Rent n Flaunt enables customers to rent out exciting designer and luxury pieces as many times as they want and as much as they want for one flat price. The company is co-founded by Parth Goel who is the technical head and Nimisha Goel who is the creative head.

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